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  NOW,AFTER EUROPE DISSING AND NOT ACCEPTING THE NEXT REFUGEE WAVE, ALL EYES ARE ON THE UNITED STATES AND IF THEY WOULD ACCEPT OVER 200.000 REFUGEES IN THE END OF 2016 AND START OF 2017… Our poll is created to see your opinion on this idea,is it a nice or a bad move for Obama and his government and also the main problem will be against the people, the citizens of USA. bn-kf933_usrefu_gr_20150910140957
Europe accepted and welcomed a lot of refugees in the past year or more,and since then the crime in Europe as well as bombings, terrorist attacks, and murders. The problem is that over 80% of the villains of the criminal cases come from one of the countries mentioned above,and people are starting to worry that they made one of the biggest mistakes in the 21st century.
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If you vote Trump, Obama is going to let the migrants in

The United States under president Obama’s wish would like to take 30% (percent) more refugees in 2017. This information was pass trough the Congress on Tuesday 25th of October from top administration officials, they are calling for the American people to do more on the global stage in the time when many voters are unwilling to accept the current pace.


This announcement looks like designed to boost Barack Obama’s hand for the next week, when he is scheduled to be a host at the summit of the U.N. General Assembly, discussing about international national leaders to start acting on the global refugee crisis.

In the US however, his refugee targets are likely to rise controversy again on the ability of the United States to accept and absorb new coming migrants – refugees especially from countries where terrorist cells and networks are operating to put insurgents into the refugee streams.


“The common-sense concerns of the American people are simply ignored as the administration expands its reckless and extreme policies”

Said Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on immigration.

Also Secretary of State John F. Kerry informed the congressional leaders, including Homeland Security and Human Services administration officials that part of the official consultation process must take place before the target gets into effect.

He also warns that he will let more of them if the Americans vote for Trump or Trump is being elected.