Here we are one day before the election day in the United States, and we are also facing a very absurd political situation.

Apparently the members of the Democratic party are hoping that Mr. Donald J. Trump is going to win this election cycle and the members of the Republican party are hoping that Secretary Hillary Clinton is actually going to win on Tuesday’s election day.

Why this is happening ?

  • For example if Hillary Clinton wins, one half of her mandate she will have to explain that she didn’t leaked Top Secret government documents and she will face the opportunity to get an impeachment, just like the case with the former U.S. president Mr. Richard M. Nixon that happened 30 or more years ago. That’s why the democrats believe that maybe it is better for the Democratic party Hillary to lose these very dirty elections 58th elections in the U.S.
  • On the other hand the republicans are making their own political calculations, because if Trump wins “as he is” – no one can control him – with occasional “very crazy” statements, he can do a lot more damage to the Republican party that supported him if he wins.

This means if Hillary wins and she gets impeached after two years, at least in the next two upcoming presidential elections they will be a very serious favorite to win.

Now I ask this heavy question, do you think that the Jews and Israel are having their revenge on Hillary Clinton because she made some mistakes according to their estimations ?



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