Joyachem Adhesive Agent as one of their primary constituents

Modern adhesives have evolved in response to the needs of engineers, designers and manufacturers, and the ever changing needs in these fields for high quality bonding materials. The different types of Shoe Adhesive are designed to deal with very different environments and very different products.

Adhesives are primary elements in production and structural bonding. This is a true designer environment, where efficiency and the capacity to bond multiple media is critical. The demand for more effective adhesives is also driven by production criteria like speed of bonding and reliability of the adhesives to deal with stresses.

The various types of adhesive on the market fill many different roles:

As their name suggests wood adhesives are used by woodworkers. They are basically water-based products and have polyvinyl acetate as one of their primary ingredients.

These cementing agents are used for furniture making, cabinetry and other similar jobs where creating a sturdy and permanent bond between two pieces of wood is important.

Construction adhesives, on the other hand, are rubber-based products. They are elastic in nature and often contain Adhesive Agent as one of their primary constituents. They are capable of creating strong bonds instantly when used for attaching two dry surfaces together. The section below includes a more detailed comparison between these two adhesive types.

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