When the President elect was in Florida, he said about the Education Department:

There is so much waste.

But that is not all. He intends to decimate at the Environmental Protection Agency, too. Why? He needs to pay for his “billionaires-first” tax plan.

So, what would Trump’s plan do to the Department of Education? According to the CAPAF, eight million low-income students, or the equivalent of New York City’s population, would lose millions in college grants. The nearly half million teaching jobs would disappear; that’s 14 percent of all kindergarten through high school teachers across the country. CAPAF says that killing all those jobs would be the same as:

UPS, one of the country’s largest employers, with over 350,000 American workers—going out of business.


According to the think tank, this would be the actual results of demolishing the Department of Education:

8 million students every year would lose Pell grants
490,000 or more teacher positions could be eliminated $1.3 trillion in student loans would be at risk
9 million low-income students would lose $15 billion of Title I funding annually
5 million children and students with disabilities would lose $12.7 billion used every year to ensure that they receive a quality education
750,000 or more students from military families, Native American students, students living in U.S. territories, and students living on federal property or Native American lands would lose $1.1 billion per year for their school
4,000 or more rural school districts would lose more than $175 million used annually to help improve the quality of teaching and learning in many hard-to-staff schools
$700 million used by states to support the 5 million English language learners currently in public schools—representing close to 10 percent of all students—would be cut.

Other factors that would go by the wayside are the federal guarantees of equality in “race, income, language, and disability” in public education. A recent CBO [Congressional Budget Office] report indicated:

U.S. high school graduation rates are hitting all-time highs, dropout rates are at historical lows, college going rates are close to the highest they have ever been and test scores across the country are improving.

But the elimination of the protections and resources from the Department of Education could significantly hinder or even reverse these gains.

The federal government has helped “states and school districts fill funding gaps created by the Great Recession.” That means under Trump, states like:

Pennsylvania and Ohio—which were dramatically hard hit by this recession—would each lose well over $ 2 billion annually in federal education funding.

Discarding the budget of the Department of Education, which is under $70 billion, would be a fraction of the Trump billionaire’s tax plan’s budget of “$9.5 trillion 10-year price tag.”

It is no surprise that Trump forgot about his “earlier pledge to make education a top priority of the federal government.” President Ronald Reagan thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the Department of Education as a “source of major savings,” but then he had to re institute the department.

Reagan’s 1983 report “A Nation at Risk,” told people the failure to:

Deliver quality elementary and secondary education gave rise to “a rising tide of mediocrity” and recommended that it was “essential … for government at all levels to affirm its responsibility for nurturing the Nation’s intellectual capital.

CAPAF believes that the support and protection of our country’s students should be a priority, no matter who is president. Trump’s plan for cutting the Department of Education:

To sacrifice resources for America’s students—particularly the most vulnerable—to pay for tax cuts that would unduly benefit the country’s top earners is as shortsighted as it is callous.

That is what happens when people elect a man with no empathy nor concern for the average citizen.

Donald Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany is 23 years old and just graduated at the University of Pennsylvania.

She is the only child Donald has with his second wife Marla Ann Maples. Tiffany is a fashion model and an extremely popular in the social media.

At the start of Trump’s presidential campaign she was forbidden to post pictures online, however now it’s all up to her.





Here we are one day before the election day in the United States, and we are also facing a very absurd political situation.

Apparently the members of the Democratic party are hoping that Mr. Donald J. Trump is going to win this election cycle and the members of the Republican party are hoping that Secretary Hillary Clinton is actually going to win on Tuesday’s election day.

Why this is happening ?

  • For example if Hillary Clinton wins, one half of her mandate she will have to explain that she didn’t leaked Top Secret government documents and she will face the opportunity to get an impeachment, just like the case with the former U.S. president Mr. Richard M. Nixon that happened 30 or more years ago. That’s why the democrats believe that maybe it is better for the Democratic party Hillary to lose these very dirty elections 58th elections in the U.S.
  • On the other hand the republicans are making their own political calculations, because if Trump wins “as he is” – no one can control him – with occasional “very crazy” statements, he can do a lot more damage to the Republican party that supported him if he wins.

This means if Hillary wins and she gets impeached after two years, at least in the next two upcoming presidential elections they will be a very serious favorite to win.

Now I ask this heavy question, do you think that the Jews and Israel are having their revenge on Hillary Clinton because she made some mistakes according to their estimations ?



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A crazed man at the Donald Trump Rally tonight in Reno, Nevada just pulled out again and attempted to shoot and kill Donald J. Trump.

Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger Special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, in which he summarizes what can be gleaned from the tens of thousands of Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks this year.

While at Exxxotica Chicago, SINN & SKINN took the opportunity to sit down with porn stars Kissa Sins, Julia Ann, Bella Rose, Uma Jolie, Abella Danger, Cali Carter, Adriana Chechik, Tasha Reign, Alexis Fawx, Adria Rae, Jillian Janson, Anikka Albrite, Sara Jay and Carmen Valentina and ask, “Which presidential candidate would you prefer to do a sex scene with: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (and what kind of scene)?”


“I don’t know. I’d probably like to fuck Hillary Clinton with a strap-on. She seems like she deserves to be punished” – Adria Rae

“I would do one with Donald Trump where I step on his balls for 45 minutes.” – Kissa Sins

“Probably Hillary because I think she can lick p**** better. She looks like a girl that could eat p**** good!” – Carmen Valentina

Source: Hush-Hush

WikiLeaks is destroying Hillary, and we love him for that.

He is doing great favor to America and he should get one of those medals of honor that heroes get from the battle zones.

Americans have new battle zone, and it’s the homeland, we are fighting with corrupted politicians who are selling America to the world!

According to Viral Liberty


Judicial Watch dropped a bombshell on Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Monday when they released 725 pages of new State Department documents that include damning exchanges with her top aide Huma Abedin.

The emails confirm that Abedin gave influential Clinton Foundation donors special, expedited access to the then-Secretary of State. In most cases, the donors that were given this preferential treatment were handed it at the specific request of Clinton Foundation executive Douglas Band.

The newly-leaked emails include 20 Clinton email exchanges that had previously not been turned over to the State Department, which brings the known total thus far to 191 of new Clinton emails (not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department).

One of the emails between Abedin and Band was an exchange in which Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain requested a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton and had to go through the State Department in order to get one. Abedin told Band that when she went through the “normal channels” at State, Clinton declined to meet.

However, the meeting was immediately set up 48 hours after Band himself intervened.

The Kingdom of Bahrain had previously given between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Source: BvaNews

James Otis said he planned to turn himself in for damaging Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But before doing that, he told media early Thursday, he would hold a news conference at the scene of the crime — where a replacement star had been installed.

L.A. police were having none of that. Hours before the planned event, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Hollywood station arrested Otis on suspicion of smashing up the star.

Otis, a Beverly Hills resident, said he took a sledgehammer and pick to Trump’s star the day before, causing damage that police estimated at $2,500. The offense would be considered felony vandalism, police said.

In a phone interview with a Los Angeles Times reporter Wednesday, Otis spoke of his disdain for the Republican presidential candidate, business mogul and reality TV star.

Read more at: LAtimes

It appears Bill and Hillary Clinton are making plans to flee the country in the event Donald Trump wins this election.

Reports are circulating that the Clintons have transferred 1.8 Billion dollars from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank, via a facilitation/abatement of JP Morgan Chase & Company for reasons not revealed.


This move of such a large sum of money to the country of Qatar says in itself, Hillary Clinton knows she is going to lose the election, and she doesn’t plan to allow herself to be prosecuted for various high crimes and treason under a Trump Administration.

The country of Qatar happens to be one of a handful of countries that does not have an extradition treaty with the United States, thus would be a perfect place for her to run to in escaping justice.

Donald Trump has said many times during his campaign and at the Presidential debates that once he gets into office, he intends to prosecute her on various high crimes from her latest crimes of sending classified material via a personal e mail server. All the way to gun running to terrorist groups in Syria resulting in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

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May God bless you and bless America.

Apparently, Hillary is not the only person in Washington who has made plans to escape justice under a Trump Administration. John Kerry has quietly been selling his property in the US for millions of dollars of late, with an announcement of the sale of his $25 million dollar Nantucket mansion in June 2016, as well as the sale of his yacht for $3.9 million in July 2016.

President Barack H Obama has also apparently been making exit plans with his purchase of a $4.9 million dollar seaside mansion in Dubai in January 2016, another non extradition country.

Snopes and other supposed fact checking sites have debunked both the story of Obama’s purchase of the mansion and the firing of Rear Admiral Rick Williams. However, over the last several months, these sites have been busted for lying in trying to debunk such information as the before mentioned, when in fact the information is true.

Snopes and other sites try their best to keep incriminating information from being believed, but the truth has a way of coming out on its own, as it always has.

The Bush family has been quietly.

Source: JewsNews

Legalize Marijuana?

Touchy subject but I’m going to tackle it! I wonder how many people actually support legal marijuana in some form or the other?

Decades of research point to a variety of medical uses for this unique compound.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most recognized ingredient in cannabis. It is best known for causing the high that you get from using marijuana.

As a result, THC has also caused the most controversy surrounding the plant’s medical use, with many health professionals citing the high as a drawback.

Economically legalize marijuana


All eyes were on Colorado to gauge the impact of the country’s first-ever state law to tax and regulate the sale and private use of marijuana for non-medical purposes. January 1, 2015, marked the first anniversary since marijuana became available for purchase for adults 21 and older in Colorado. For over two years, the state has also allowed adults to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana.

What’s happening with tax revenue, crime rates, marijuana arrests, the economy, youth prevention and traffic safety? What’s working and where is their room for improvement? What effect is marijuana legalization having on neighboring states and throughout the country? Will Colorado’s legalization law have a ripple effect on the rest of the nation?

Here’s what we know so far: According to the state’s department of revenue, the first ten months of legal marijuana sales have resulted in nearly $40 million in tax revenue. Denver saw a decrease in violent crime rates in the first 11 months of 2014. Statewide traffic fatalities continue to decline, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Upwards of $8 million has been allocated to fund youth education and drug prevention efforts. And the state is enjoying economic growth and the lowest unemployment rate in years.

Jon Gettman’s 2007 study “Lost Taxes and Other Costs of Marijuana Laws” found that the U.S. marijuana industry is a $113 billion annual business that costs taxpayers $31.1 billion in lost tax revenues. Gettman, who has a Ph.D. in public policy from George Mason University, suggests that $10.7 billion could be saved each year from the country’s $193 billion in annual criminal justice expenditures if marijuana arrests – 5.54 percent of all criminal apprehensions – were stopped.

Last spring, more than 300 economists, including three Nobel Laureates, signed a petition supporting a paper by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, who argued the government could save $7.7 billion a year by not having to enforce marijuana prohibition. The report also found that taxing pot at rates comparable to those levied on tobacco and alcohol could raise $6.2 billion annually.That’s a total of $13.9 billion in savings and income.


Economist Stephen Easton penned an article in Businessweek that suggested the financial benefits of pot legalization may be even bigger than what Miron predicted. Eatson guesses that legalizing the drug could bring in $45 to $100 billion a year.



Taxing Medical Marijuana Brings in Cash!

Although the above numbers are all speculative and admittedly somewhat disparate, there are some actual, hard figures reported by states and cities that have had medical marijuana laws in effect for some years. In 2011:

Oakland, Calif., collected $1.4 million in taxes from medical marijuana dispensaries – nearly 3 percent of all business tax revenue. The state of Colorado collected $5 million in sales taxes from the medical marijuana business. Denver collected $3.4 million from sales tax, application and license fees for its medical marijuana dispensaries (of which the city has more of than it has Starbucks coffee shops). Colorado Springs, Colo., collected more than $700,000 in taxes from the marijuana industry. Oregon raised an estimated $6.7 million in taxes which it used to pay for other state health programs.

Estimates for Washington: $2 billion in tax revenue will be raised over the next five years; for Colorado: $600 million in taxes and savings over the same time period.

Clinton’s stance, that she will not legalize marijuana. CEO of XEROX Ursula Burns participated in a Q&A with Clinton which later leaked. Ursula used Wall Street jargon to cover her use of the word “weed”. Clinton Campaign staffers have worked on removing these speech excerpts, and this was one of them:





Hillary Clinton is bankrolled by big pharmaceutical companies.

In the infographic below by OurAmazingWorld.org it shows the comparison of each candidate of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton of course, being number one and Donald Trump being the very last.

Big Pharma

One of the main reasons the United States hasn’t legalized marijuana is due to the big power pharmaceutical companies have in our government. Once marijuana is legal, these companies will need to react to new forms of competition.

Donald Trump is pro-marijuana and promises to let states decide on legalization.

For marijuana supporters, the thought of voting for a Republican is bizarre. Donald Trump is the only hope for legalization. He stated recently that he wants to see it legalized and dealt with state by state instead of federally.

Trump’s whole movement is about Making America Great Again and recreating the culture of positivity all Americans once shared.

So if the legalization of Marijuana could help bring in billions of revenue, and can also help millions of patients, why is Hillary Clinton so against it? Simple Hillary Clinton is tied into the FDA scam of America a legalized marijuana would be very bad for the big drug companies!

Just think of the money America could make from taxation of legal marijuana. The money America would save on menial marijuana arrests and imprisonment, the court costs, the jail stays, that would add up real quick. Think about the money it would save instead of the high-priced pharmaceuticals used now, and a share of those high-priced pharmaceuticals are paid for by the government, through free medical insurance. It’d be like a booster jump-start to our economy.

But for me, it’d have to be the medical use that would be oh so important. I’ve watched several videos where children actually stop having life changing seizures time and time again. Or how cancer patients get an appetite or stop throwing up after treatment.

Did you ever stop to think maybe God put this plant here for a reason? Doesn’t the bible tell us in Genesis 1:29 King James Bible.

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you, it shall be for meat.

There was never any mention of marijuana in the Bible. But many assume it’s a sin. But then again the Bible has been interpreted so many ways, and no one man will ever know the true meaning of everything in the Bible. God said as much.

So are the Hillary Clinton’s of the World worried it’s immoral, or less money in their pockets?

Let’s see, Hillary clearly is for late-term abortion, or as I call it murder, and she clearly supports gay marriage, which the Bible tells us is an abomination of God.

I’m thinking it is the Big Money Pharmaceuticals in her pocket! How about you?

Source: Beverley Russell Trumpville Report

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Before girl power was carried by our standard bearer Beyoncé, most young girls looked heavenward to five Brits from across the pond.

The Spice Girls were the quintessential GIRL group whose SWEET beats and infectious tunes made anyone attempt to dance. They were one of the most influential groups in the world.

Spice-mania swept like the tropical superstorm that will eventually end humanity. Ever wonder what they look like?

No? Then why are you even here?

This was the group in all their glory when they broke onto the scene.

But let’s take a look at how memory lane ended up…


So this was GINGER Spice, AKA Geri Halliwell, who was wearing this classic Union Jack dress back when she was performing on the Brit Awards in 1997.


She’s now a bikini designer. Before that she took a shot at a solo career with “Look at Me”. Halliwell gave birth to her daughter, Bluebell Madonna, in May 2006. Former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton were her godmothers.

via Mirror | YouTube / Deejay MegaNaughty

But what about Baby Spice??

But what about Baby Spice??
via Giphy


Baby Spice was the cute, innocent one. Emma Bunton was technically the group’s baby since she was the youngest band member. Here’s how MUCH she’s changed!

via Buzzfeed


Baby Spice has her own babies these days with singer Jade Jones. From 2003 to 2012 she had a recurring role on BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous. She’s also shown up on Loose Women, Lorraine and Dancing on Ice too.


This was Posh “Victoria Adams” Spice who was famous for her iconic pout, seriousness and her passion for designer labels. Like the others, she dropped her own album.


So it seems that Posh’s fashion sense is hereditary since her family is on POINT. In 1999, she married soccer player David Beckham and they had four kids: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. She launched a KILLER fashion line and offered her judgement on American Idol and Project Runway.

Sporty Spice! Where you at?

Sporty Spice! Where you at?
via Giphy


Sporty Spice, AKA Mel C, was supposedly the most athletic member of the group and was the second youngest. She had one the biggest solo careers with 1999’s Northern Star album selling four million copies. She’s only gotten hotter…

via Pinertest


Since leaving the group she’s had a daughter named Scarlet back in 2009. She called it quits with her husband of ten years, property developer Thomas Starr. She’s shown up in stage performances of Blood Brothers and Jesus Christ Superstar.

via Mirror


And finally, Scary Spice, AKA Mel B, was the member with the unrepentant tongue who was the most outspoken! In 2000, she dropped her solo album, Hot.

via Tumblr / Psycho Jello

Does she still rock the house like this!!?

Does she still rock the house like this!!?
via Giphy


Mel B has arguably been around the most places since the group disbanded. In 2012, she was ambassador for International Fitness Week in London. She is a mother to three children, two with Eddie Murphy and another with dancer Jimmy Gulzar. She competed on Dancing with the Stars and became a judge on America’s Got Talent.


via Giphy

COMMENT and tell us who your favorite Spice Girl was!

Mine was obviously Baby but don’t let me taint your opinion. Be your own person, man.

COMMENT and tell us who your favorite Spice Girl was!


Each organism occasionally needs cleaning to retain no toxins in the blood. Otherwise, we become chronically tired, suffer from flatulence and have circulation problems. These difficulties can be removed using a simple drink prepared in your kitchen. Everything you need is garlic and red wine. This balmy beverage purifies the blood, removes excess fat and salts from the body and accelerates metabolism.



12 cloves of garlic

500 ml red wine



Clean garlic cloves, chop them into quarters and place in a glass bottle. Add half a liter of red wine and well sealed.

Hold the glass bottle at sunny or bright spot, for about two weeks. Each day, shake it few times, for the ingredients to be mixed well.

After two weeks, strain the contents and re-insert the fluid in the glass bottle. Consume one teaspoon three times a day for a period of one month.


Note: This is a strong drink that cleanses and strengthens the blood, so the time gap between two treatments must not be less than six months.

Three glasses of milk a day can double the risk of premature death, and not prevents bone fractures as we have heard of our ancestors, warns new Swedish study transmitted by British “Telegraph”.

Experts ever since past years recommend milk which provides the required amount of dietary calcium and maintain bone strength. A number of previous studies suggesting that milk protects against heart disease and stroke and may help prevent diabetes.

But new researches shows the opposite – Swedish scientists observed 20 years 61,000 women and 45,000 men and found that in individuals who consumed more milk are not protected of bone fractures, but in contrary they suffer more of that. But, women who drank more milk have even higher risk of bone fractures.

Those who drank more than seven deciliters milk are twice more risky to premature death compared with those who drank less than one cup of milk, showed the research published in the journal “British Medical Journal”.

Some scientists believe that milk fat destroys the positive effect of calcium causing inflammation of the walls of blood vessels, which increases the risk of heart attacks.
On the other hand, scientists have found that dairy products with low fat such as cheese or yogurt have a positive effect in reducing the risk of premature death and strengthen the skeletal system.
Experts warn that the results of the Swedish study should be taken with caution because milk in Sweden contains vitamin A, which could influence the results.

High blood pressure is very often problem that many people have and deal with it every day. That means if person have 140/90 mmHg or above this persistently. The high blood pressure is caused by many factors as: stress, genetic factors, obesity, luck of physical activity, birth control pills, adrenal diseases, excessive intake of salt, kidney diseases, high alcohol intake…
Here we present several and simple home remedies that can help in prevention and control high blood pressure or hypertension.

One or two bananas daily keep the pressure in control because of the high potassium present in this fruit. It helps with reducing cholesterol and with its low sodium levels.

Row or cooked garlic helps in reducing cholesterol level and high blood pressure. The hydrogen sulphide in garlic, decreases the pressure on the heart, helps in promoting good flow of blood and gets rid of gas.

High levels of 3-N-butylphthalide in celery help with hypertension it’s best if you can consume one stalk of celery with one glass of water every day.

Excellent remedy that makes the vessels soft and flexible the blood and makes the blood pressure goes low. High amounts of Vitamin B are there in the lemon and drinking a fresh lemon juice is very healthy for the heart conditions.

Onion Juice:
For lowering the high blood pressure another simple remedy is the onion juice. You can eat one raw onion a day or make a mix of honey and onion juice.

Cayenne Pepper:
For mild hypertension the Cayenne Peppers are best natural remedy. This can be consumed as addition of vegetable or fruit salad, or added as generous pinch of pepper powder into the soup and make a drink.

Eating before going to bed is in the dangerous zone of NEVER EAT BEFORE BEDTIME and especially important rule for those who want to lose weight. Maybe you’ve heard that that late night food is often the overweight sm on your tummy and hams.

But, the good news is that NOT every food after 19h is bad and there are snacks that can in contrary fasten your metabolism and help you with the diet. Everything you should know is what to avoid during the night hours.

IMPORTANT RULE: avoid carbohydrates before bedtime and change them with high quality proteins that are slowly digested. But be aware that the night meal is not good if you overeat.


Carbohydrates make the body increase producing of the hormone insulin that puts on pause fat burning. This is what happens when the metabolism is going slow.  But unfortunately the slow digestion of proteins gives the body amino acids all the time during the night when the digestion is slow. This way you are resting and healing of the hard trainings and you keep the muscles.


  • WHITE MEAT of animal proteins (not red meat of fish): Chicken and turkey meat are slow for body digestion and release a lot of insulin. They release also a hormone glucagon that helps the body to gain energy of the carbohydrates and fats of the body which is a double victory! Red meat and fish is better to avoid at night because of their high insulin.
  • CHEESE has very slow digestion in fact several hours to be reduced. As a protein it also releases glucagons and the best type is the one without salt or with low level of salt.
  • GREEN VEGETABLE practically there are no calories at green vegetables and there are a lot of diet fibers that makes you feel full. A plate of green salad is excellent choice for late night meal.
  • PROTEINE SHAKE that has low carbohydrates level and slow digestion process. It can be a regular drink before bedtime. Make a shake of almond or coconut milk with one egg and ice cubes, add some fruit to enrich the taste and blend it all for 30 seconds. Excellent!

Example 1: one glass of almond milk, one egg white and 6 cubes of ice.

Example 2: one glass of almond milk, one egg white, 1tbs almond or linseed butter, 4 strawberries and 6 ice cubes.

Example 3: glass of almond milk, one egg white, half frozen banana, 1 tbs lecithin, 10 grains of aronia and 6 cubes of ice.

Lose the weight during the night and Enjoy!

Why brain tumors cause symptoms

Brain tumors cause symptoms for two reasons. Firstly, because they take up space inside the skull as they grow. Secondly, they can cause specific symptoms due to their position in the brain.

The most common symptoms

The most common symptoms of brain tumors that people first go to the doctor with are headaches and fits (seizures). But do remember that brain tumors are rare and there are much more common reasons for both these symptoms. So if you have either of these, do go to the doctor as soon as possible. But remember that there is most likely another cause of the symptoms.

Symptoms due to increased pressure in the head

As the skull is made of bone, there is a fixed amount of space for the brain to take up. The growing tumor increases the pressure inside this fixed space. This is called raised intracranial pressure or raised ICP. The increase in pressure causes the following effects.


It is important to remember that headaches and sickness are very common symptoms of illness. A brain tumor is not a very likely cause if these are the only symptoms you have. But you should go to your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms

  • You are getting very bad headaches (especially if you wake each day with a headache)
  • You have started getting headaches but did not have them in the past
  • You are getting headaches more and more often
  • You are getting headaches and sickness together

About 1 in 3 people with a brain tumor first go to their doctor with headaches. A headache caused by a brain tumor tends to be quite bad. But in some people they can be mild at first. The headaches may last for a long time. Some people wake up each day with severe headaches that may slowly get better during the day. But anything that increases the pressure in your head can make the headache worse again, such as bending over, coughing and sneezing, exercising or even shouting.


With a brain tumor, feeling sick (nausea) may also be worse in the morning. You may actually be sick. You may also have hiccoughs (hiccups).


Drowsiness is usually a later symptom of a brain tumor. As the tumor grows and the pressure inside the head increases you may sleep more than usual. Or you may find yourself falling asleep during the day. If this is not treated, you could eventually become more difficult to wake and then become unconscious.

Raised intracranial pressure can also cause problems with your eyes and fits (seizures).

Problems with your eyes

If you are having problems with your eyes you should see your doctor. This is particularly important if your sight seems to be failing and glasses are not helping. Other problems include blurred vision, floating shapes, tunnel vision, or a loss of vision that comes and goes. Sometimes opticians pick up these problems. It is possible to detect raised intracranial pressure during an eye examination.

Fits (seizures)

Fits are one of the most common symptoms of brain tumors. A fit can just be jerking or twitching of a hand, arm or leg. Or a fit may affect the whole body. Some fits just cause a moment of unconsciousness. Fits can often be controlled with anti epilepsy medicines. And if your brain tumor is successfully treated, the fits may stop completely. In some cases, fits continue even after successful treatment because of scar tissue left in the brain. You may then need to carry on taking anti seizure medicines (anti epileptic drugs).

Having a fit is very frightening. There are many different causes of fits and it is important to go to your doctor if you have one.

It is important to remember that there are many other causes for the symptoms mentioned above. If you are worried you need to go to your doctor. They will send you to a specialist if they think there is any possibility that you could have a brain tumor.

Marijuana and Cancer

Marijuana is the name given to the dried buds and leaves of varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can grow wild in warm and tropical climates throughout the world and be cultivated commercially. It goes by many names, including pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marijuana, ganja, and dozens of others.


Marijuana has been used in herbal remedies for centuries. Scientists have identified many biologically active components in marijuana. These are called cannabinoids. The two best studied components are the chemicals delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (often referred to as THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). Other cannabinoids are being studied.

At this time, the US Drug Enforcement Administration lists marijuana and its cannabinoids as Schedule I controlled substances. This means that they cannot legally be prescribed, possessed, or sold under federal law. Whole or crude marijuana (including marijuana oil or hemp oil) is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for any medical use. But the use of marijuana to treat some medical conditions is legal under state laws in many states.

Dronabinol, a pharmaceutical form of THC, and a man-made cannabinoid drug called nabilone are approved by the FDA to treat some conditions.



Different compounds in marijuana have different actions in the human body. For example, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) seems to cause the “high” reported by consumers of marijuana, and also can help relieve pain and nausea, reduce inflammation, and can act as an antioxidant. It can also lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Cannabidiol (CBD) can help treat seizures, can reduce anxiety and paranoia, and can counteract the “high” caused by THC.

Different cultivars (strains or types) and even different crops of marijuana plants can have varying amounts of these and other active compounds. This means that marijuana can have different effects based on the strain used.

The effects of marijuana also vary depending on how marijuana compounds enter the body.

When taken by mouth, the THC is absorbed poorly and can take hours to be absorbed. Once it’s absorbed, it’s processed by the liver, which produces a second psychoactive compound (a substance that acts on the brain and changes mood or consciousness) that affects the brain differently than THC.

When marijuana is smoked or vaporized (inhaled), THC enters the bloodstream and goes to the brain quickly. The second psychoactive compound is produced in small amounts, and so has less effect. The effects of inhaled marijuana fade faster than marijuana taken by mouth.


How can marijuana affect symptoms of cancer?

A number of small studies of smoked marijuana found that it can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy.

A few studies have found that inhaled (smoked or vaporized) marijuana can be helpful treatment of neuropathic pain (pain caused by damaged nerves).

Smoked marijuana has also helped improve food intake in HIV patients in studies.

There are no studies in people of the effects of marijuana oil or hemp oil.

Studies have long shown that people who took marijuana extracts in clinical trials tended to need less pain medicine.

More recently, scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in laboratory dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer.

There have been some early clinical trials of cannabinoids in treating cancer in humans and more studies are planned. While the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer, they do not show that they help control or cure the disease.

Relying on marijuana alone as treatment while avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences.

Cannabinoid drugs

There are 2 chemically pure drugs based on marijuana compounds that have been approved in the US for medical use.

Dronabinol (Marinol®) is a gelatin capsule containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy as well as weight loss and poor appetite in patients with AIDS.

Nabilone (Cesamet®) is a synthetic cannabinoid that acts much like THC. It can be taken by mouth to treat nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy when other drugs have not worked.

Nabiximols is a cannabinoid drug still under study in the US. It’s a mouth spray made up of a whole-plant extract with THC and cannabidiol (CBD) in an almost one to one mix. It’s available in Canada and parts of Europe to treat pain linked to cancer, as well as muscle spasms and pain from multiple sclerosis (MS). It’s not approved in the US as of 2015, but it’s being tested in clinical trials to see if it can help a number of conditions.

How can cannabinoid drugs affect symptoms of cancer?

Based on a number of studies, dronabinol can be helpful for reducing nausea and vomiting linked to chemotherapy.

Dronabinol has also been found to help improve food intake and prevent weight loss in patients with HIV. In studies of cancer patients, though, it wasn’t better than placebo or another drug (megestrol acetate).

Nabiximols has shown promise for helping people with cancer pain that’s unrelieved by strong pain medicines, but it hasn’t been found to be helpful in every study done. Research is still being done on this drug.

Side effects of cannabinoid drugs

Like many other drugs, the prescription cannabinoids, dronabinol and nabilone, can cause side effects and complications.

Some people have trouble with increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure (especially when standing up), dizziness or lightheadedness, and fainting. These drugs can cause drowsiness as well as mood changes or a feeling of being “high” that some people find uncomfortable. They can also worsen depression, mania, or other mental illness. Some patients taking nabilone in studies reported hallucinations. The drugs may increase some effects of sedatives, sleeping pills, or alcohol, such as sleepiness and poor coordination. Patients have also reported problems with dry mouth and trouble with recent memory.

Older patients may have more problems with side effects and are usually started on lower doses.

People who have had emotional illnesses, paranoia, or hallucinations may find their symptoms are worse when taking cannabinoid drugs.

Talk to your doctor about what you should expect when taking one of these drugs. It’s a good idea to have someone with you when you first start taking one of these drugs and after any dose changes.

Flourless Pancakes – 3 ingredients, no gluten, no dairy, and no refined sugar

Although the idea for 3 ingredient flourless pancakes has been going around the internet for a fewyears, every recipe I’ve ever seen has always included an egg as one of the three ingredients.

In trying to think of something for the eggs, I listed all of my favorite egg substitutes. Banana was especially intriguing to me because it not only could replace the egg as a binder but also would add potassium and give the pancakes some natural sweetness. I didn’t know how it would turn out, but I was excited to experiment.

My favorite recipes are the ones where you look at the ingredients and think, “There is absolutely no way this could possibly work!”


banana pancakes

These 3 ingredient flourless pancakes definitely fit into that category.

One banana, 1/2 cup oats, 3 1/2 tbsp milk of choice, and that’s all you need to make pancakes.

Who knew ?

banana pancake

I’m sure someone will ask about a substitute for the banana: I haven’t tried anything and therefore really can’t tell you if something else will work here; but if anyone wants to experiment, I’d definitely love to hear the results of those experiments!


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (45g)
  • 1 medium banana (90g peeled)
  • 3 1/2 tbsp milk of choice (52g)
  • pinch salt, and sweetener of choice if desired
  • cinnamon, chocolate chips if desired
Total Time:  10m
Yield: 6-7 small pancakes


*If using a liquid sweetener, cut back on the milk by the amount of sweetener you use. And if you don’t have a hand blender, either double or triple the recipe for a regular blender OR you can try the blender-free Swedish Pancake recipe linked earlier in this post instead.

The Recipe: Grease a skillet VERY well so the pancakes won’t start to stick before they’re flip-able. Combine all ingredients with a hand blender, then pour ladles of batter onto the greased skillet. As soon as the pancakes are cooked enough that you can get a pancake flipper underneath without breaking the pancakes, flip and cook an additional minute. The recipe makes 6-7 small pancakes (size of the ones in the photos). If you make a larger batch, leftovers can be refrigerated or frozen.