Only hold a dozen Fiber Distribution Terminal

There are a number of different shapes of adapters available, depending on the make-up of the two cables that are to be connected. If the connecting cables are all the same shape, an adapter with square, rectangular, or round inputs can be used. These adapters are comprised of two or more female connections that the fiber termination box can be plugged into.

When attempting to connect two cables that are different shapes, it is necessary to use a type of fiber optic adapter called a hybrid connector. A hybrid connector can be designed to fit any two types of fiber optic cables together. There are many different types of hybrid connectors, so it is important to know what type of cables need to be connected before purchasing one.

There are also adapters that can be used to attach a bare fiber optic cable to a connection piece. This piece allows the cable to fit into a connection slot, whether into a mating sleeve or into an electronic device. The fiber optic cable can be fit into an adapter that works with any of the standard shaped connectors.

In addition to connectors that tie fiber optic lines together, there are also fiber optic adapter panels that can be used to connect multiple fiber optic lines. In a device such as this, connections can be made between any of the lines plugged into the panel.

Though a single adapter panel can usually only hold a dozen Fiber Distribution Terminal or so cables, the panels can also be spliced together, allowing hundreds or thousands of connections to be made.

Appreciate your Police Officers with Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

The gifting of specialized law enforcement challenge coins to recognize the efforts and achievements of soldiers has been a common practice since the ancient Roman Empire days. The people who secure our countries from the borders and streets safe from the ones who threaten our security are the people who need the utmost of our appraisal. Challenge coins are such tokens of respect which have specially etched information, rank, and words of appraisal for the person it’s being gifted to. The term ‘challenge coin’ comes from the initial purpose of why the coins were invented. Traditionally, challenge coins were given to prove the genuinity of their membership when ‘challenged’ and also to boost morale.

The origin of the challenge coin, officially took place during an incident that dated back to the First World War. Apparently, a wealthy officer decided to honor his flying squadron with specially etched bronze medallions with their insignia on it. One of the members of the squadron was abducted by the Germans, where everything that could prove his identity was taken from him, except for the leather pouch around his neck which had the medallion. Luckily, the pilot escaped thanks to bombing, and used the medallion to confirm his identity, dismiss accusations of him being a spy by the French and also cancel his execution.

A modern use of the challenge coins are seen when the local police are honored with them. After all, they are the reason we walk free on the streets, without a care in the world.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins is a company that delivers specialized services to manufacture high quality challenge coins. The company is most famous for their service as rare providers of customized service. They take custom orders to craft the challenge coins that you want. On their website, they make it easy to approach and receive a sample of what you’d be buying. So if you have police officers who need a shiny attractive metaphorical pat-on-the-back, get them a challenge coin!

About Law Enforcement Challenge Coins:

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Natural cure for hair growth

In magazines are recommended numerous water dryer and cures for hair growth. Maybe some of them are good. One may be better than the other, however, but a tool that is always at your service and worth as the best remedy for this problem is the onion

The onion has sulfur and natural sulfur is very good for the skin.

Those who have difficulties with the scalp or hair should use onion as a medicine.

With half a head raw onion you should vigorously rub the scalp before washing the head.

The onion is a miraculous remedy for hair growth. Important food for hair growth is also vitamin F which has the lanolin. Instead of pure lanolin you can take lanolin cream. Lanolin is not the fat of the sheep but fat derived from the sheep wool.


Experiences have confirmed that these remedies are correct.

If you do not want to rub the head with the onion you can use the onion water and wash your hair with that. We do not use pure lanolin because it is too hard. It needs to be processed, or mixed with oil.

Very good tool for scalp care is a concoction of nettles, or its extracts. It helps especially against rash on the scalp.

And birch water is also good, although by the efficiency nothing is better than raw onion.

Advices for Stronger, Longer and more Beautiful Nails

When you have a beautiful nails, your hands look more beautiful too. However, many women complain that their nails grow slowly.

Some of the reasons for the slow growth of the nails are the lack of vitamins and a weakened immune system. But there are some ways that can help you speed up the growth of nails.

Here they are:

Increase your intake of protein and vitamin “D”

In everyday diet you should take grocery rich in protein, because they help nails grow fast and healthier. Lack of vitamin “D” in the body can also affect to slow growth of the nails, so it is recommended to take in sufficient quantities of these products.

Regular manicure

Regular manicures stimulate circulation of blood in the nail, which in turn, accelerates the growth of nails. It is best to do a manicure every 15 days.
Increase your intake of vitamin “A” and “C”

In your daily diet add grocery rich in vitamin “A”, because it has a very important role in the health of your nails. Also, you should daily eat citrus fruits. Vitamin “C” helps in the production of collagen in the body and thus also accelerates the growth of nails.

Massage with garlic and lemon

This may sound strange, but it will certainly accelerate the growth of your nails. Apply on the nail garlic and allow it to stand for 5-10 minutes. Wash your hands, and then brush the nails with lemon juice.

The nails should be dry
Too often washing hands will soften your nails. That’s why after washing your hands or cleaning you should thoroughly dry your nails. Water is number one enemy for gorgeous nails.

File your nails, in one direction
This way you’ll stop their listing and the nails will grow healthier. Have a file always close to you so you’ll always have smooth nails.

Food for Breasts Enlargement – Every Girl Should Know the Menu

Many girls want to have larger breasts. One of the surest ways to achieve this is to make some changes in the daily menu.

Estrogen is very influential hormone that is credited with the development of women’s body curves in puberty, and even the occurrence of menstrual cycle.

Unfortunately for many women, the puberty ends before they’ve develop enough chest and they stays with small chest. But if you increase the intake of this hormone in the body, you do not need surgery for breast augmentation – the body will achieve this task by itself.

Since estrogen is a natural ingredient, you can get it from a lot of herbs. In nature, it is called phytoestrogens (plant estrogens), which you can get from soybeans, tofu and flax seeds.
According to experts hormonal imbalance is one of the main reasons why women have small breasts. The more testosterone produces female organism, the smaller breasts girl have.


To reduce the production of this hormone should be increased the consumption of some fresh fruit and vegetable. This way you can increase the level of estrogen. Grains, like brown rice, oats and barley also increase breast size.

Cherries, strawberries, blueberries and chicken contain substances that stimulate the production of estrogen. Red and white beans, chickpeas, parsley, peas and buckwheat also contribute to bigger breast. In carrots, cabbage, onions, beets, squash, cucumbers and cauliflower there are many useful proteins.

It is recommended the consumption of green leafy vegetables and foods rich in protein and minerals.