Advices for Stronger, Longer and more Beautiful Nails

When you have a beautiful nails, your hands look more beautiful too. However, many women complain that their nails grow slowly.

Some of the reasons for the slow growth of the nails are the lack of vitamins and a weakened immune system. But there are some ways that can help you speed up the growth of nails.

Here they are:

Increase your intake of protein and vitamin “D”

In everyday diet you should take grocery rich in protein, because they help nails grow fast and healthier. Lack of vitamin “D” in the body can also affect to slow growth of the nails, so it is recommended to take in sufficient quantities of these products.

Regular manicure

Regular manicures stimulate circulation of blood in the nail, which in turn, accelerates the growth of nails. It is best to do a manicure every 15 days.
Increase your intake of vitamin “A” and “C”

In your daily diet add grocery rich in vitamin “A”, because it has a very important role in the health of your nails. Also, you should daily eat citrus fruits. Vitamin “C” helps in the production of collagen in the body and thus also accelerates the growth of nails.

Massage with garlic and lemon

This may sound strange, but it will certainly accelerate the growth of your nails. Apply on the nail garlic and allow it to stand for 5-10 minutes. Wash your hands, and then brush the nails with lemon juice.

The nails should be dry
Too often washing hands will soften your nails. That’s why after washing your hands or cleaning you should thoroughly dry your nails. Water is number one enemy for gorgeous nails.

File your nails, in one direction
This way you’ll stop their listing and the nails will grow healthier. Have a file always close to you so you’ll always have smooth nails.

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